Due to the pandemic we are all online for our support groups.

The Voices of Aphasia which takes place every Saturday at 10.30 am. It is headed up by our Speech and Language Therapist, Ms Vicki Nolan. During these covid times, we are doing it on Skype. It is purely a conversational group. Different topics are discussed every week, which are notified the day before. It is very successful so far. It is catered for when the Service User is discharged from hospital and awaiting the community speech and language therapist to pick them up. However, it is open to everyone! Please get in contact with us at aphasiaireland@gmail.com AND https://forms.gle/gRRwjwdJFH44TwBK7

We also have the Communication Partner Training (CPT) which is headed by a Speech and Language Aid. It is on Zoom. It is about, empowering people who support those with aphasia to have a successful conversations with practical strategies. Please contact us at aphasiaireland@gmail.com for more information.

We also provide music and art therapy courses. In conjunction with this we provide speech and language therapy for individual clients.

Please get in touch at info@aphasiaireland.ie or call on (01) 7642200.

The group is open to those currently suffering from aphasia or those who have improved and on their way to a full recovery.