Our support groups are available online nationwide

Voices of Aphasia 
The Voices of Aphasia takes place every Wednesday at 7pm on Skype. It is purely a conversational group where different topics are discussed every week. It is catered for when the Service User is discharged from the hospital and awaiting the community speech and language therapist to pick them up. However, it is open to everyone!
Friends of Aphasia 
Aphasia Ireland runs a peer support group called Friends of Aphasia. It takes place once a month on Tuesdays at 7pm over zoom. The support group is open to friends and family of people with aphasia. Its main purpose will be to provide support by offering hope as well as emotional and practical support. Its aim will be to empower each other in the self-management of the challenges with aphasia and act as a recovery resource for each other
Those whose family members have PPA are most welcome (and encouraged) to attend “Friends of Aphasia” support group, which is inclusive of aphasia of all aetiologies. However, given the specific needs and journeys requiring additional support, those with loved ones who have PPA are extended the invitation to provide their details so they can attend additional relevant information sessions hosted by Aphasia Ireland, namely Friends of Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)

Communication Partner Training (CPT)
We also have the Communication Partner Training (CPT) which is headed by a Speech and Language Aid. It is on Zoom. It is about empowering people who support those with aphasia to have a successful conversations with practical strategies. 
Please get in contact with us at aphasiaireland@gmail.com for further information and if you’d like to express an interest in any group!