Aphasia Ireland is a registered charity formed with the aim of raising awareness of aphasia and providing support to people with aphasia and those around them. We wish to empower people with aphasia to lead fulfilling, independent lives and to support their families, friends, and carers in navigating the changes in their lives associated with aphasia.

Aphasia Ireland will achieve these aims through the following goals:

  • To create awareness of aphasia and the experience of people with aphasia and their loved ones. 
  • To establish a nationwide network of support groups for both people with aphasia and their family, friends, and carers. 
  • To share the latest developments in the research of the management of aphasia with our clients. 
  • To raise funds to improve and develop the services we provide and conduct vital research.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Aphasia Ireland is to encourage public awareness and understanding of aphasia and provide support to all persons with aphasia and their families, friends, and carers. It is our aim to assist people with aphasia and their families, friends, and carers to lead fulfilling lives alongside aphasia by providing information, advocacy, and support services.

Our Vision

Aphasia Ireland envisions a community in which aphasia is commonly understood and where all persons with aphasia, their families, health professionals, and the public have access to appropriate information, resources, and services related to aphasia. This community empowers people to lead fulfilling and joyful lives while living with aphasia. 

Our Values

At Aphasia Ireland, our values shape our culture and we strive to reflect these values in everything that we do. We value excellence, respect, collaboration, creativity, and compassion.

  • Excellence – at Aphasia Ireland, we foster a sense of excellence by building an organisation that places the well-being of our clients at the heart of everything we do, with trusting relationships and community spirit. 
  • Respect – the people with aphasia, their friends, families and carers, healthcare professionals, staff, and volunteers who make up the Aphasia Ireland community will always be treated with respect and dignity. We always assume and acknowledge the competence of the people with aphasia we work with.
  • Collaboration – at Aphasia Ireland we collaborate with people with aphasia and those around them to develop services which meet their needs and align with their values and priorities. Collaboration among our volunteers and staff is highly regarded. As an organisation, we encourage collaboration with other charities and services to develop the awareness and understanding of aphasia needed to achieve our mission statement.
  • Creativity – we encourage and value the creativity of our clients, volunteers, and staff. We believe that by championing creativity we can achieve the goals set out by our clients and our organisation. 
  • Compassion – we place our service users’ aspirations and needs first. At Aphasia Ireland we demonstrate empathy in all our dealings with those who use our services while empowering people with aphasia, their families, friends, carers, and healthcare professionals to live and work alongside aphasia. We always consider our service users as whole people, beyond just their experiences of aphasia, to help them reach their full potential.