About Us

Aphasia Ireland is a registered charity, formed with the sole aim of creating awareness and support for sufferers and those around them. With your help, we wish to empower people with Aphasia to overcome the challenges and barriers that stand in the way of a normal happy life. To also help their partners, close family members or carers to manage the burden of care associated with Aphasia.

Aphasia Ireland has been set up to do this in the following ways:

To create awareness of what Aphasia actually is.

To establish a nationwide network of Support Groups where both sufferers and their carers can benefit from the experience and understanding others

To keep abreast of the latest developments in the management and treatment of Aphasia and pass that information on.

To raise funds to develop and improve these services.

Our Mission statement;

The Mission of Aphasia Ireland is to encourage public awareness and understanding of aphasia and provide support to all persons with aphasia and their caregivers. It is our aim to assist people with aphasia and their carers to lead a more fulfilling life by providing speech & language therapy, music therapy and art therapy.

Our Vision;

Aphasia Ireland envisions a community in which aphasia is a commonly understood word and where all persons with aphasia, regardless of individual differences, their families, health professionals, and the public have access to appropriate information and resources that would strengthen their potential for to live an acceptable quality of life.

Our values

Our values are at the core of everything we do and and they govern our actions. They shape our culture, we strive to reflect them and achieve them every day. They are Excellence, Respect, Collaboration, Creativity and most of all Compassion. We always keep these values in mind when we are doing business.

Excellence; By building an organisation that holds the well being of our clients at the heart of it. We encourage trust and there is a sense of community in Aphasia Ireland.

Respect; Believing in our clients is of up most importance, and their competence to assess the situation. This is because there seems to an old wives tail, that if you can not speak clearly and concisely you must have a screw loose. On the contrary, the clients are intelligent.

Collaboration; We work both the clients and organisation that specialise on the brain. We find that working them both can get a deeper understanding of Aphasia and what the clients need. Needs that are not being not met by any other company. We diversify our service by offering speech language therapy, music therapy and art therapy all the one umbrella.

Creativity; We believe in the creativity of our staff meeting all the requirements laid out by the clients and organisational goals.

Compassion; We lookers our client and we have the upmost respect for them. We have the clients aspirations and their needs first and foremost. We demonstrate empathy while empowering individuals and their families and appreciating the whole person to better help them and their potential.