Helping Hand Programme

The idea of the Helping Hand programme is to give a lifeline to those who cannot afford private speech and language therapy and may be stuck on long waiting lists. Patients receive an hour of therapy every week, for 6-10 weeks. We try to offer the service in a location suitable for the patient.

For Patients:
The Helping Hand programme is designed for people with moderate or severe aphasia. If you think it might help you or your loved one email us at:

Those with milder aphasia can of course still avail of our other services such as support groups and self-help therapy technologies.

For Professionals:
If you are a qualified speech and language therapist and would like to get involved with the programme, contact us at:

 If you are an SLT and would like to get involved:

If you would like to get involved, the scheme will involve providing 1 pro bono session a week (for a minimum of 6 weeks) to patients with moderate or severe aphasia who haven’t had access to speech and language therapy for a prolonged period of time.

For a speech and language therapist, the benefits of the programme include:

– The opportunity to use your skills in a charitable context, for people who really need them.

– Experience in the area of aphasia.

– The opportunity to familiarise yourself with and utilise the most up-to-date speech and language and aphasia software.

– The opportunity to liaise with other SLTs and experts through the programme and Aphasia Ireland.